Saturday, June 29, 2013

intrbego2 Welcome to the Junk Drawer

Welcome to the Junk Drawer.

Unlike other blogs like Headley Hauser’s Just Plain Stupid, the Junk Drawer will not be regularly updated or topical. Posts are likely to come in bunches as our authors upload multiple works on one sitting. As the name implies, you’ll find a wide variety of material in the Junk Drawer, short stories, poetry, commentary, poetry, theology (largely from Stanley McFarland,) and even drama scripts. Some posts may be only a few lines, others several thousand words. In order to sort the material and help the reader find what he or she is looking you’ll find a nine digit code at the beginning of each post title.

The first four digits are to designate the type of material in the post – comm. for commentary, theo for theology, play for script etc. If your interest is only in fiction, you can easily discern which posts to check by looking for fict at the beginning of each title. The second four digits are to designate author. We have 4 primary authors in Go Figure Reads, Will Wright – wrig, Stanley McFarland – mcfa, Headley Hauser – haus, and me, Walter Bego – bego. Look for additional writers, or guest writers by the first four letters of their last names.

The last digit is to signify the length of a post. As most blog posts are 200 to 500 words long, a reader might feel waylaid by a thirty page short story. Length will be indicated by a number 0 to 9, with 0 signifying a very short post and 9, very long. 5 would indicate approximately 1000 words.

As an example, you will note the title code on this relatively short post is Intrbego2. I hope the code makes navigating Junk Drawer simple for all concerned, and once again,

Welcome to the Junk Drawer

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