Saturday, June 29, 2013

poemwrig2 Aubrey the Explorer

Aubrey the Explorer

by Will Wright

“Aubrey Maubrey,”

Dexter believed that time-honored tradition

That a nonsense word that rhymes with a name-

Had to be an insult.

Aubrey looked up expectantly.

Dexter balled his fists

Aubrey sat

With his legs folded

On the kindergarten activity mat.

He waited for Dexter to say more.

“Aubrey, Maubrey,” Dexter repeated belligerently.

A look of disappointment crossed Aubrey’s features.

He returned to building a structure of Duplo blocks.

Dexter kicked at the blocks,

Not as successfully as he might have hoped,

But sufficiently to knock a few blocks free,

Pushing the remaining structure into Aubrey’s knee.

Aubrey picked up the structure and studied it briefly.

He put it down on its side in front of Dexter.

“Try it now,” he said.

Dexter kicked the structure,

Shattering most of it,

Sending a remnant crashing against the wall.

Aubrey smiled as the blocks flew,

He looked up at Dexter.

“You wanna do it again?”


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  1. This is awesome! Definitely not junk.