Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Songhaus2 Amanda

(sung to the tune of My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean)
Lyric by Headley Hauser

I once had a parrot, Amanda
Who did constantly swear, curse, and grouse
I put her out on the veranda
but still hear her through all of the house
Stop that, stop that
Stop that, Amanda, I plead, I plead
Stop that, stop that
Your language is dreadful indeed.
verse 2
I’d yell, but she only got louder
I threw blanket and sheet o’er her cage
But I’d hear, loud and clear, through that shrouder
And that’s when I’d cry in my rage
repeat chorus
verse 3
The vet said I couldn’t use vice locks
I didn’t know what I should do
And so I threw her in the ice box
When I pulled her out, she’d turned blue
modified chorus
Warm up, warm up
Warm up, Amanda, I cry, I cry
Warm up, warm up
If you don’t thaw soon, you will die
instrumental interlude punctuated with Amanda squawking.
verse 4
Said Amanda, I’ll heed your suggestion
And clean up my act, she did coo
But I have just one nagging question

What did the frozen turkey do?

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